Since 1992 the HQT Division of AC Steel Rule Dies has supplied Hot Seal, Ultrasonic, and Dielectric Radio Frequency (RF) Welding suppliers with innovative tooling solutions to meet the most demanding industry requirements. Manufacturers that integrate industrial fabrics and or plastics into part designs, typically use RF welders and or Ultrasonic welding to permanently join two parts together with a strong and uniform seal that is aesthetically pleasing. Typically these materials such as PVC, PET, polyurethane based films and fabrics are used to produce many of the following:


  • Welding Heel, Toe and scuff pads to carpets
  • Sunshade manufacturing
  • Automotive Floor Mats including logo embossing and welding


  • Promotional Items
  • Wax Applicator Pads
  • Scrub Pads
  • Air or water mattresses
  • Recovery floats and life vests

Medical Devices

  • Blood or IV Cuffs and Bags
  • Bed Cushions
  • C-Pap Masks
  • Colostomy and Enema Bags